Healthy Thanksgiving Menu

My family has arrived! The house is full, and merry chaos reigns supreme. Just as it should be for the holidays.

I’ve spent a lot of time the past couple of days preparing foods ahead of time, so I have less to do on the big day. Most of my day today has been going back and forth between cooking and washing dishes. I’m tired, but excited for all the delicious and healthy foods we’ll be eating tomorrow.

I though I’d share links to all the recipes I’m using for our feast. It’s easier than staging and photographing them all myself. All these recipes and more can be found on my Healthy Thanksgiving Pinterest board.


Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Squash with Dried Cranberries and Dijon Vinaigrette. I’ll be adding carrots to this, and using spicy brown mustard instead of Dijon.

Healthy Thanksgiving Menu - Roasted Brussels Spouts and Squash with Dried Cranberries and Dijon Vinaigrette


Skinny Sweet Potato Casserole with Maple Pecan Topping.

Healthy Thanksgiving Menu - Skinny Sweet Potato Casserole with Maple Pecan Topping


Thanksgiving Harvest Salad. I’m using spring mix and spinach, with pears, pecans, dried cranberries, and smoked gouda.

Healthy Thanksgiving Menu - Thanksgiving Harvest Salad


Maple Walnut Vinaigrette, to be served with the harvest salad. I made this today and it is amazingly delicious.

Healthy Thanksgiving Menu - Maple Walnut Vinaigrette


Best Ever Green Bean Casserole, from Alton Brown. I’m using skim milk instead of half-and-half.

Healthy Thanksgiving Menu - Best Ever Green Bean Casserole


Creamy Oikos  Mashed Potatoes. I’ll be using red potatoes. And not necessarily Oikos yogurt. But it will be tangy and creamy and so good.

Healthy Thanksgiving Menu - Creamy Oikos Mashed Potatoes


Mushroom Gravy.

Healthy Thanksgiving Menu - Mushroom Gravy


Healthy Cranberry Sauce. I did add sugar to this when I made it today, as it was more tart than I prefer. But the combination of cranberry and orange is just wonderful.

Healthy Thanksgiving Menu - Healthy Cranberry Sauce


Whole Wheat Dinner Rolls.

Healthy Thanksgiving Menu - Whole Wheat Dinner Rolls


Healthy Chocolate Pecan Pie. I love the addition of tofu to this pie. It adds such a delicious creaminess.

Healthy Thanksgiving Menu - Healthy Chocolate Pecan Pie


The Ultimate Chocolate Fudge Pie. Another tofu pie. I’ve made this a couple times before, and it’s superb. Really looking forward to having a piece of this.

Healthy Thanksgiving Menu - The Ultimate Chocolate Fudge Pie


Skinny Pumpkin Pie. I had small pans, so decided to make two. But I doubled the recipe, ended up with too much filling, and made three instead. Not at all a bad problem to have.

Healthy Thanksgiving Menu - Skinny Pumpkin Pie


So yeah, I’m pretty sure we’ll have enough to eat. Doesn’t it all look amazing?


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